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What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a scientific study in people that helps to determine if and how a drug or therapy works. These can also be called clinical studies, or clinical research. Clinical research helps us answer specific questions about an investigational drug, such as, “Is it effective?”, “Is it more effective than other established treatments?”, “Is it safe and/or what are its side effects?”

In Singapore, an independent ethics committee and the Health Sciences Authority independently review clinical trials to ensure ethical standards are met, and that safety risks are minimised. A clinical trial may not start until approval has been obtained from both the ethics committee and HSA.

Why participate?

There are many reasons why people take part in clinical research studies, including the chance to help in the development of a medicine that may benefit people in the future, and receive study-related monitoring for their health. New drugs cannot be made available to patients without clinical trials. Finding new and improved medicines is only possible through the help of people like you. Every clinical study participant provides valuable information that might help improve medical research and knowledge.

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